Learning in Healthcare
Learning in Healthcare
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Industry: Training and Education

Founded: 2015

In 2015 Jay Zigmont, PhD, CHSE-A founded Learning In Healthcare (LIH) to be a think tank and consulting firm for how to improve outcomes in healthcare through learning.  The mission of LIH is to improve healthcare through learning. LIH helps achieve measurable changes in healthcare outcomes by helping healthcare systems and universities to apply experiential learning, the Learning Outcomes Model and the 5 Principles of Learning in Healthcare:


5 Principles of Learning in Healthcare:

  1. Everything is about our patient(s) – and our patients see us as a team, not as individuals
  2. Education ≠ learning – just because a student participated in a training initiative does not mean they learned a thing
  3. Learning = changed outcomes – changing outcomes requires changes in the learner, experience and environment
  4. Learning is an expertise (that should be consulted by content experts) – content experts should be at the bedside
  5. Everyone is in learning – everyone, at all times is both a learner and a facilitator of learning

Services Provided

Learning in Healthcare provides consulting on:

  • Achieving measurable outcomes from learning
  • Designing and implementing a simulation program that demonstrates a return on investment
  • Implementing competency-based nursing orientation programs (that reduce orientation by >35%)
  • Wide-spread implementation of TeamSTEPPS programs
  • Leadership development programs focused on Trust, Change Management, Teamwork and Learning
  • Designing integrated learning systems for healthcare
  • Healthcare innovation

Learning in Healthcare hosts courses on:

  • Faculty development – utilizing experiential learning both in practice and simulation
  • Creating competency based RN orientation programs
  • Debriefing and simulation faculty development (based on the 3D Model of Debriefing: Defusing, Discovering, and Deepening)
  • Improving medical education programs through experiential learning
  • Experiential learning and teamwork/TeamSTEPPS interventions.